Fostoria York and Sylvan Patterns

Fostoria's No. 118, York, and No. 119, Sylvan, lines have the same pattern which consists of large diamonds with smaller diamonds on each large diamond.  The difference in the patterns exists because of the shapes of the York and Sylvan pieces are different.  Generally, the sides of the York pieces are convex, and the sides of the Sylvan pieces are concave.  Most of the pieces found with this diamond pattern are shown in Fostoria catalogs as the Sylvan line.  Only 10 items are listed as belonging to the York line.  The Sylvan pattern is also known as Overall Diamond and English Hobnail variant.

The announcement of the new patterns in the December 26, 1901, issue of Crockery and Glass Journal included as separate listing for Sylvan, gold decorated.   The gold decorated Sylvan was not given a separate number; it was also shown as No. 1119.  The York pattern was manufactured from 1902 to 1904 and the Sylvan pattern was manufactured from 1902 to 1906.  

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