Fostoria IC Pattern

Near the end of the Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) era, Fostoria introduced its No. 1819 I.C. pattern in 1911.  Although "No. 1819 I.C. Pattern" was used by Fostoria in its catalog listings, the pattern is also known as Dandelion or Thistle.  The pattern was produced for a short period of time and was discontinued in 1915.  

The I.C. pattern is similar to patterns that are referred to as colonial patterns.  The pieces are made of heavy glass and have a scalloped top.  The I.C. pattern is an intaglio flower on colonial-type pieces.  The pattern is an intaglio design because the flower is impressed into the glass rather than being above the surface of the glass.  

The I.C. pattern is found undecorated and with gold and ruby stain.  Fostoria may have stained the pieces or they may have been stained by a decorating company.  

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