Brazilian Pattern No. 600

One of Fostoria's Early American Pattern Glass Patterns is its No. 600, Brazilian, which was introduced in 1898 at the spring show of glass manufactures in Pittsburgh, PA.  The pattern is also known as Cane Shield and way produced through 1913.  The basic design is a band of sunbursts and diamonds below a band of fans and diamonds.  The distinguishing feature seems to be that all pieces have four and only four sunbursts in a band.  Some of the taller pieces such as the tankard have more than one band of sunbursts.  

Fostoria's 1898 catalog shows 33 items in the Brazilian pattern including a water set consisting of a jug and six tumblers.  The catalog also shows two styles of the 8-inch berry and the 4 1/2-inch nappy.  The two styles are numbers 600 and 600 1/2.  A comparison of the two styles shows that the bottoms of the 600 bowls are rimless, and the bottoms of the 600 1/2 style have a pronounced rim.  The 8-inch low open bowl (i.e. comport) was also produced in the two styles.  The attached photos show the two styles of the comport.  

The pickle dish in the Brazilian pattern was produced with advertisements in the bottom.  It is triangular in shape and does not have the fans in the patterns.

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