Atlanta Pattern No. 500

One of Fostoria's most recognized patterns in the early American pattern glass (EAPG) literature is No. 500, Altanta.  The pattern was introduced in December 1895 and was discontinued in 1897 except for the high-footed jelly and toothpick which were produced through 1899 and the oil which was produced through 1900.  The distinctive feature of the pattern is the lion's head.  Because of this feature, the pattern is also known as Clear Lion Head, Frosted Atlanta, Late Lion, Square Lion, and Square Lion Heads. 

Most of the pieces in the pattern are square or rectangular with a raised band around the base featuring a lion's head at each corner.  There are bull's eyes on the raised band with the number of eyes dependng on the size of the piece.  For items with covers, the finial (knob) is either a single or double lion's head.  Although most Atlanta pieces are square, there are exceptions.  The tumblers and goblets are rouind, and the pickle dish is oval.

Forty-two different pieces of the pattern are shown on the 1896 price list.  However, there are other pieces known, such as a banana stand on high foot and a rectangular preserve dish, that are not shown on the list.  Atlanta pieces were produced in clear and clear with a satin (acid etched) finish on the lion heads and scallops.  There are also items that are ruby stained and amber stained, and some pieces are engraved.

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